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Introducing vLink by Code 3, the innovative wireless remote control technology that keeps you connected to your vehicle even while you're away from it – keeping you more in control of any situation.

Increases Safety. Improves Mission Effectiveness.

Compatible with all light and siren systems, vLink pairs with any smartphone or WiFi-capable device to operate your vehicle's lights, sirens, air horn, locks and trunk.

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Interact From Afar

By operating key vehicle functions remotely, vLink allows you to better control your vehicle's immediate surroundings from wherever you are.

  • Provides complete control of sirens, lights and other critical functions from up to 300 feet away
  • Provides remarkable efficiency in traffic management situations
  • Exterior antenna included for better connectivity

Smart Device Enabled

vLink technology seamlessly connects your smartphone or wireless device to your vehicle's key functions, putting greater control over any environment right in your hand.

  • Works with WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • Easy to set up and compatible with iPhone®, Android® and Windows®-based devices
  • Goes wherever you do, providing greater mobility and enhanced mission effectiveness

Works With Your Existing System

With its quick and easy installation and intuitive operation, vLink technology is universally compatible with law enforcement vehicles.

  • Easy to set up and use, regardless of fleet configuration or vehicle specifications
  • Works with all vehicle brands, makes and models

Intuitive, Accessible Interface

Features an easy-to-navigate, on-screen dashboard that mirrors the look of your in-car controls.

  • Large, easy-to-access controls ensure reliable operation in stressful situations
  • Familiar touch-screen controls enable remote operation of siren controllers including ArrowStik®, air horn, dimming the lightbar, controlling takedown/alley lights and controlling gun lock

Secure Connection

vLink keeps you connected to your vehicle using secure, password protected technology, providing your own personal wireless hotspot.

  • Encased in a ruggedized module to ensure the highest reliability at all times

A Smart And Economical Investment

Whether making a departmental purchase or for your personal use, vLink is an affordable - and indispensible - way to keep officers more in control and out of harm's way.

  • Costs less than three tanks of gas
  • Offers a tremendous overall value - one that increases your mission effectiveness and provides greater peace of mind

Keeps You More In Control

Enhances officer safety by enabling remote control of devices which help to control traffic flow, signal for assistance, distract suspects, adjust scene lighting, and provide access to backup units - all without having to return to the vehicle.

  • Preempts situations before they arise
  • Provides officer complete freedom of movement on the scene

Real scenarios

vLink In The Field

At Code 3, we know that what works in a controlled lab setting doesn't always cut it in the real world. So we put vLink to the test by putting it into the hands of real law enforcement officers - and a variety of real-life usage scenarios.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Internet connection needed to operate vLink?

vLink does not utilize an Internet or cellular connection. It only requires the user to be within 300 feet of the vLink-equipped vehicle to operate. It will operate even in areas where Internet and/or cellular access are not available.

I have more than one person using the same vehicle - can they both have vLink on?

Yes, but only one user at a time can be connected to a single vLink.

Need an actual Case Study by a media outlet on vLink?

Police One's link here to the vLink case study on new mobile apps.

How do I order this product?

Contact your local Code 3 Sales Representative, call (314) 996-2820 - or email to order your vLink today.

How do I order a Z3 or RLS Siren?

For a quote from a distributor near you, email CS-C3@ - or call (314) 426-2700.

Once I order, how long does it take to receive shipment?

vLink units are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Contact your Code 3 Sales Representative at (314) 996-2820 or email for more information.

Do I need to order vLinks for every officer or just per vehicle?

The vLink unit is per vehicle. Up to four phones can have the vLink software per unit but only one officer can use it at the same time.

I have install questions, who can I talk to?

Email Technical Support at or call 314-996-2810.

Is it an app that I download from iTunes®?

The vLink app is downloaded directly from the vLink Controller during startup. There is no need to use iTunes or any other app provider.

Can I program the same setup for a whole fleet?

Yes. Check the user (install) manual for further details.

Can I transfer programming from one smartphone to another?

The vLink configuration is stored in the vLink Controller. As long as smartphones are registered to the same vLink controller, they will display the same information.

How many buttons on the graphical interface can I customize?

The user may customize the function and edit the text descriptions of 8 of the 9 main screen buttons.

How do I customize a button?

Users may label the buttons with any text desired and any language supported by their smartphones. The text field for each button will accommodate 2 lines of 8 characters each.

Can I install vLink in my trunk?

For optimum performance vLink should be mounted at the safest highest point in your vehicle. We would recommend your rear deck in a sedan and the back celling near a window in an SUV. Photos of these installations can be found in the quick reference guide and install manual.

Is there an installation video for vLink?

Yes. Please watch the informative vLink installation video. If you still have question our Technical Support Team would be happy to assist you at 314-996-2810.

Are there any special brackets for vLink?

There is a bracket available for the Tahoe. This cup holder bracket allows for a quick installation. Click here to see a photo of the bracket.

Do you have any setup videos for smartphones?

Yes. See the following video links.
vLink video for the Samsung Phone.
vLink video for the HTC Phone.
vLink video for the iPhone running iOS6.
vLink video for the iPhone running iOS7.

Is there an installation manual for vLink?

The install manual can be downloaded by clicking here. If you need further help you can call Technical Support at (314) 996-2810 or email at

Where does the antenna go?

The antenna mounts on the roof of the vehicle for increase connectivity and distance. See the install manual for instructions.

I don't have a Z3 Siren or an RLS Siren - will this work with my siren?

If you do not have a Z3 or RLS siren, you can order the vLink Universal version. The Universal vLink uses discrete, current-limited outputs to switch various audible and visual components and will work with most brands and types of vehicle equipment.

I don't have an iPhone® - can I still use vLink?

vLink is compatible with most smartphones.

Can I use vLink with my MasterCom Siren?

Yes, you need to order the Universal Version which is model number VLNK-U.

What are the features of each version of vLink?

Check here for the vLink Model Feature Comparison Chart showing the Z3, RLS and Universal Versions.

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Introducing vLink

Get Connected. Stay More In Control.

Real scenarios

Front Cut for Field Sobriety Test (FST)

"Fantastic tool. It allows us to do so much."

You pull over a suspected intoxicated driver and are ready to conduct an FST. However, your takedown lights and flashing lights are on. In many jurisdictions, you must de-energize the flashing lights for the FST to be valid.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely deactivate your flashing lights
  • Officer maintains control by staying with the driver
  • Successfully conduct the FST

Real scenarios

Easily Store and Use Smartphone

"It's right here on my duty belt."

You step outside your car to investigate suspicious activity. As you move further away from your vehicle, you want to turn off your flashing lights to keep a lower profile but can't return to the car.

vLink Benefits

  • Quickly and easily grab your smartphone from your duty belt
  • Allows immediate remote access to car light functions
  • Focus on your task without returning to your car

Real scenarios

Open Trunk Remotely to Retrieve Supplies

"...a valuable feature..."

After arriving on the scene of a serious traffic accident and exiting your vehicle to assist the injured person, additional officers and EMTs arrive on the scene in need of traffic cones, flares and other resources you have in the trunk of your vehicle.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely open your trunk with your smartphone
  • Stay with the injured person while providing access to your trunk

Real scenarios

Activate Air Horn When Disoriented in Suspect Chase

"...try this new technology."

In the heat of the moment, you are involved in a chase on foot after a suspect. After finally apprehending the suspect and leading him in handcuffs out of a remote area, you are unsure as to the exact location of your vehicle.

vLink Benefits

  • Quickly locate your vehicle with remote air horn feature
  • Easily activate with your smartphone
  • Successfully take the suspect into custody

Real scenarios

Remotely Activate Full Bar Scene Light

"It's like a force multiplier!"

You have stopped your vehicle on the shoulder of a highway. As you venture away from your car to check the status of a disarmed vehicle, you want to activate your lightbar to alert motorists to your presence.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely energize your lightbar with your smartphone
  • Safely focus on your task without returning to your vehicle
  • Successfully call motorists’ attention to your vehicle

Real scenarios

Activate Lighting to Alert EMS

"It's like having a second set of hands!"

"vLink will save somebody's life some day."

You're first at the scene of a domestic medical emergency. As you assist an injured passenger with life threatening injuries, you hear an EMS vehicle approaching and want to alert them to your location without leaving the patient.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely energize your vehicle lights with your smartphone
  • Continue to assist patients without having to return to your vehicle
  • Empowers you to be in two places at once

Real scenarios

Operating Your Vehicle From Your Smartphone

"A huge difference in law enforcement."

You are at the scene of a call and are away from your patrol vehicle. You need to activate your vehicle equipment.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely operate your vehicle’s emergency equipment from your smartphone
  • Start or stop your vehicle camera
  • Improve safety and mission success from up to 300 feet away

Real scenarios

Change ArrowStik® at Accident (Reconstruction) Scene

" you more peace of mind."

You are with an accident reconstruction crew. As you embed yourself with the team, you are away from your vehicle yet need to control the direction of traffic with your vehicle's ArrowStik®.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely activate your ArrowStick® from up to 300 feet away
  • Remotely activate your air horn to alert an inattentive driver
  • Improve safety and mission success

Real scenarios

Activate In-Car Video for FST

"Huge safety benefit!"

You are outside your vehicle on a traffic stop and a situation arises in which you need to capture video evidence. How can you activate your in-car video (ICV) without leaving the scene and alerting a suspect?

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely start or stop your ICV
  • Easily activate with your smartphone
  • Focus on your task without returning to your vehicle

Real scenarios

Top Reasons to Purchase vLink

"It's always accessible."

As a police officer, you understand the importance of maintaining control of your vehicle devices in various situations. You need access to your vehicle controls, but you don't want to leave a suspect, or car, unprotected.

vLink Benefits

  • Remotely lock or unlock your vehicle doors and trunk, plus turn ICV on or off, with your smartphone
  • Activate lights and sirens from up to 300 feet away
  • Constant vehicle accessibility on your person, with a control head display on your smartphone similar to what is in your car

Real scenarios

Canine Safety and Release from Vehicle

"K9 Video"

vLink for K9 releases the lock in the vehicle for the K9 to exit.

vLink Benefits

  • Easy access to running vehicle
  • Easy release of your canine to assist you
  • No need to carry car keys

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We appreciate your interest in vLink. Your information has been submitted and we will be in touch soon.

- The Team at Code 3